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Animating Interactive rating components

Supafast way to animating Interactive rating components

Credit: @zander_supafast


Animating like buttons

Supafast way to animating like buttons

Credit: @zander_supafast


Animating liquid switches in Figma

Droplet Animating liquid switches in Figma, supafast!

Credit: @zander_supafast


Moving components without breaking links to instances

You can move main components from one file to another. Move them into your libraries or refactor one without breaking links to instances! Watch to see how in this

Credit: Tom Lowry


Paste here

We’re introducing an option for when you want full control of paste location, but structure matters less.

Simply select Paste here from the right-click menu to paste a clipboard object at the cursor location and voilà!

Credit: Figma



Want to add the same thing in a bunch of places? Speed things up with the magic of multi-paste.

To use, select each of the destination frames or groups while holding down the Shift key and paste (⌘ + V or Ctrl+V).

Credit: Figma


Paste to replace

Quickly swap out assets or add in components by replacing selected objects with another object that you’ve copied to your clipboard.

Press Shift+⌘ + V or Shift+Ctrl+V to paste to replace.

Credit: Figma


Create new variant from scratch

  1. Create your first component
  2. On the right panel, click + in Variant to create a variant
  3. Change the style of that variant. E.g: Hover state for the button
  4. Continuing creating other variants
  5. Change the property name to make it more meaningful

Read more: Figma variants intro by

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