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Inserting multiple images into any shapes at once

  1. Press ”⌘ + Shift + K”
  2. Select your images
  3. Drop them on any type of layers

Credit @anronkai


Quickly import any file or folder

Have a folder full of assets for your design?

Quickly import any file or folder into Figma with a single click and drag.

Credit @Figma


Better visual with thumbnail for your figma file

Why is this important? - Visually pleasing!

  1. Create a cover photo
  2. Left click to set the frame as your thumbnail

Credit @Mag


Ignore constraint settings while resizing a Frame

When resizing frames, hold Command (⌘) on macOS or Ctrl on Windows/Chrome OS to ignore constraint settings for all objects inside that frame.

Credit @Figma


Responsive component with AutoLayout?

Set the children inside a frame with Auto Layout to stretch left and right (when vertical) or top and bottom (when horizontal).

Credit @Figma


Need a vector logo but can’t find it online?

  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Inspect
  3. Find the SVG node
  4. Right click >> copy >> copy outerHTML
  5. Paste (⌘V) directly into

Credit @coryetzkorn


Go to the parent level

If we have nested groups in Sketch, pressing ESC button will go to the parent level. On Figma: use Shift + Return / Enter

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